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Consciousness Journey home page - Welcome to our site! Our aim at The Consciousness Journey is to offer a wealth of resources to support you in moving into greater freedom, health, peace and contentment through becoming more present and conscious. We approach this through understanding the nature and function of the source energy that creates everything in existence and therefore, that governs our existence.

5 hard truths... Sign up for a free short paper outlining 5 hard truths of how we are living now and the enlightening truths for how we can live differently.

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Living as an Energy Being in an Energy World – An 8-week email program to introduce you to a new paradigm for navigating our lives easily and successfully by aligning with the essential energy of life.

About us – introducing Patrice Robson.

Online meditation resources, as meditation is key to raising our consciousness.


More Energizers for program participants

Journaling questions to support you in exploring your unfolding experience as an energy being.

A one-page journaling worksheet to fill in as you notice awareness arising for any of the 9 prompts around living as an energy being.


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