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Consciousness Models

It is reaffirming to know there are similarities
between many popular consciousness models.

See how you have progressed through these consciousness models

We are all on a journey - a journey through life - a consciousness journey. A journey of enhancing our capacity to connect, love, think, intuit, attract and serve the needs of others.

And when we see the same message many times from different perspectives, we anchor a clearer,  bigger picture in our minds so we can more easily handle most life situations.

Humanity is evolving  and by reflecting on these 'Consciousness Models', you will participate more on your evolving edge of consciousness. You will be able to:

  • grasp a bigger picture of how you fit into the world
  • make more sense of your life
  • clarify your life purpose and how you can best contribute to humanity
  • experience intuition and more higher, abstract thinking and
  • identify you next steps  in consciousness growth.

To get the most from the emails, reflect on them and write a line or two about which part of the path you have traveled, which part you are now on and the part to which you aspire. This is an integrative process that keeps life in perspective.

Create your own consciousness model and your mind starts to work at different levels and open new to new opportunities. Things will fit together easier and for clearer reasons.

Some Consciousness Models overviewed are as follows:

  • 7 Levels of Consciousness
  • 4 Levels of Learning
  • 7 Chakras
  • 6 Levels of Love, Will and Knowledge
  • 10 Spheres of the Kabalah
  • 9 Cycles of Life - Numerology
  • 7 Levels of physical, emotional and mental sensing
  • Meditation Techniques
  • 12 Signs of the Zodiac
  • ... and more

Receive 2 'Consciousness Models' emails each week for 8 weeks. Commit to life long learning and positive life change. Watch your thinking and motivation change as you integrate higher concepts of who you are.

This program is available at my other site, Higher Awareness under higher consciousness resources.


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