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Consciousness Journey in 2 Steps

Balance how you experience and manifest life

Consciousness is in everything and includes all possible perceptions of anything - past and potentials. We work with consciousness in life in 2 main ways:

  1. experiencing it through awareness, and
  2. manifesting it through will and intention.

These 2 stages form a dance of life - of being touched by life and touching back or responding to life.

If we're not really happy with our lives, we need only pay close attention to our experiences and to how and what we are manifesting so we can make the changes we desire.

How do you do life? Are you more of an observer taking life in? Or are you more of a creative manifestor that attempts to create consciousness? Hopefully there is some balance. That is what these 24 emails are about - to remind you in different ways of these 2 stages and to balance the experiencing and the creating of life.

We offer consistent, short, reflective reminders that create little shifts that gradually create a bigger, life changing effect. Be inspired daily with new and expansive perspectives.

Receive daily in your email inbox 24 simple, memorable, high impact 2 step journeys that progressively describe at higher levels how we may do life from different perspectives. To get the most out of these inspiring emails, use our 2 step journey form daily and write down any insights on experiencing and creating insights that resonate with you.

Here's a sampling of 3 of the 2 step Consciousness Journey email series:

  • Experience and Express - Be here now to deeply experience what Life is bringing to you, moment by moment. What messages are being delivered? Choose a higher path and share it!
  • Realize and internalize (or visualize) - Seek the truth and deeper meaning of any event or encounter, then anchor it deeply within - physically, emotionally and mentally - with whatever rituals or processes (like visualization) work best for you.
  • Discern and learn - Discern the higher meaning of every aspect of life. Accept and trust that all unfolds according to a higher wisdom. Learn from it and make it a new part of you.

There are 21 more unique, inspiring 2 step journeys. Receive them and all other Consciousness Journey programs.

This program is available at my other site, Higher Awareness under higher consciousness resources.

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