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'ABC's and XYZ's of Consciousness'

Alliteration awakens awareness, allows answers
 and activates aspirations

Take your time so these terrific tongue twisters trigger troubles, thoughts and timeless truths. These light hearted consciousness journeys of 26 emails use each letter of the alphabet to explore important pains, potentials and processes for making the most of life.

Creating consciousness requires that we engage, explore, be creative and contemplate fresh perspectives and ideas. As we focus on an intention and let our minds resonate with potentials, we attract them to us. This email series will provide many words and concepts to resonate with.

Play with each of these messages. Read each sentence slowly and sense which words call out to you or resonate most with you. Then have fun and read it quickly out loud and see how easy it is to trip up your tongue and mind!

Below are a few of the 26 ABC journeys. All 26 will be emailed to you daily so you gradually expand from many perspectives. Use our 3 column ABC form to track your many insights.
Consistent, short, mind-sticking reminders can accumulate little shifts that gradually create a bigger, life changing effect. Be inspired daily with new and expansive perspectives as you create consciousness.

Here are 4 of the 26 ABC's of Consciousness Journeys

  • Transcend tragedy, trouble and turmoil by trusting truth, thankfulness, telepathic thoughts and timely transformation.
  • Banish bad baggage, backward beliefs, boring boundaries, big blocks and belittling blame by becoming a beautiful, bold, balanced, broadminded, boundless being.
  • Guilt, gluttony, glamors and grief are gone by going for greatness and godliness and you gratefully gain gifts of guidance, goodness and grace.
  • Nix narrow-minded negatives and nourish innate needs naturally by navigating to nirvana now

There are 22 more unique, tongue twisting pains, pleasures and processes.

This program is available at my other site, Higher Awareness under higher consciousness resources.

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