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'What is Consciousness' Article

What is consciousness? And why you should care!

What exactly is consciousness? We scoured the Internet. We've read many books and attended courses. Yet still we have found it difficult to explain what consciousness is. The word 'consciousness' is used in many different ways. Descriptions of consciousness by scientists, academia and philosophers that embrace the infinite, the cosmos, spirit, soul, micro-cosmos and quantum physics are not easy concepts to grasp.

At the same time, we have personally experienced and shifted consciousness and we know directly its power to transform people's lives. As a result, we wanted a definition and descriptions that could be meaningful to people like us who have seriously committed to our growth journeys.

Everything has consciousness. Even a rock and television set have consciousness. Its consciousness is its identity, essence, uniqueness, soul and what it naturally is.

A piece of rock may have low consciousness, but if it is used its consciousness increases. If it is worshiped like Ayre rock in Australia its consciousness greatly rises, and if it is a diamond or gemstone that is polished and given as a symbol of love it has much more consciousness.

Animals have a higher consciousness if they are smarter, trainable, domesticated and identified as a loving and helpful pet. So our experience and perception of consciousness depends on our own view point.

Humans have a wide range of consciousness. We are fortunate as we can think and have willpower to choose and we can clearly, proactively raise our consciousness level. And that is one of our main purposes in life - to evolve and shift our consciousness to a higher level. Each of us has our own level of consciousness. So what does that mean?

As we raise our consciousness, we experience more interconnections, more distinctions and more meaning and purpose. Imagine you are in a glass elevator. As the elevator rises, you see an increasingly larger view of what's around you. You get a bigger and bigger picture of life, and all the pieces fall into place in a larger, connected pattern. From a higher perspective the parts make more sense.

Here are some key words that will help you understand and raise your consciousness and the consciousness of encounters, events, things and therefore humanity and the planet. If you have a situation and want to raise its consciousness make your response more qualitative, loving, beautiful, natural, meaningful, purposeful, altruistic, spiritual, inclusive, impersonal, universal and evolutionary.

The big BUT

So consciousness depends on your perspective or relationship to another person, thing or quality. The higher and more inclusive your point of view, the more consciousness you bring to the situation.

So with relationships to anyone or anything, the more loving, connected and inclusive they are, the higher the consciousness. As we raise our consciousness there are more interconnections and more meaning and purpose.

And the magic of shifting consciousness is that it changes who we are and it affects us in many more ways than we expect.

As we have explored our own consciousness, we have discovered that there are signposts or markers that reflect our level of consciousness back to us. Others have described many levels of consciousness, however, we think the consciousness journey for people seriously on their growth path can be described more simply. So we identified in clear and easy terms, 3 levels of consciousness and the experiences and tools that accompany them, to serve as gentle guides for where we are in each moment of our life journey.

Explore our other articles in this series that discuss the circle of life in 3 levels of consciousness that most of us participate in.

If you have other perspectives on What is Consciousness, we would appreciate hearing them at

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