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'The Circle of Life Covering Three
Consciousness Levels' Article

Understanding the bigger picture of life, makes
the small challenging parts make more sense.

Imagine the journey of life as a simple circle. If we drew a circle on paper, we would write 'Source/Universal/God/Spirit/Love...' at the top of the circle representing the beginning and the end of our journey. We believe that life arises with few limiting programs and beliefs that filter who we are as a bundle of love. And so the life cycle begins by unconsciously moving down one side of the circle and up the other side and consciously progressing through 3 stages back to home, the source, a loving being.
For human beings, the first stage of the journey could be called the Stage of Personality Development. Born of spiritual essence, we incarnate into matter to explore the experience of pleasures, separation, form and duality. We slowly grow and evolve physically, emotionally and mentally. Our ego and personality emerge as we begin to identify with ourselves and the physical world. We forget about our true higher nature.
As personalities, we believe in individuality, limitation, scarcity and competition. These beliefs in separation give rise to fear, pain and pride because we've forgotten who we really are. The Path of Personality is a path of attachment, distortion, coping, self-centeredness, outer focus and exclusion where we tend to see ourselves as victims. All of this moves us away from our higher connection and potential.

Two thirds of the way down the circle of life we reach an important point -  TRANSITION POINT #1.  The focus of our lives shifts significantly. This point is often triggered by recurring suffering and crisis and it brings a new awareness and awakening. We can sometimes move through this first transition point from victim hood more gently as our ego gradually matures. We know life can be better.

Passing this first major transition point, we embark upon the Path of Growth. We realize there is some order and meaning to the struggling that still occurs. We search for truths. We develop character, skills, morals and values. We seek out how to make sense of our new world. We take courses, read books and try new techniques as we look for answers. Our awareness increases, our world expands and we have a sense of control and influence in our lives. We expand our thinking, wisdom and consciousness

As we move through the bottom of the circle and up the other side we feel better about ourselves as we handle life and our growth. But then we hit a second major point - TRANSITION POINT #2 - and probably the hardest to move through. This point can be triggered by realizing the extra effort and discipline needed to break through the world of duality and to trust in higher guidance. Basically all the rules change as we realize we have lead a life of illusion, and major beliefs need changing to become a human being instead of a human doing.

In the last two thirds of our circle journey back home, we begin to see through the illusions of this material world. We begin to connect with our authentic true nature - the love, potential and wisdom we can draw upon to complete our journey. Passing this transition point, we embark upon the Path of Spirituality. We increasingly let go of faulty beliefs and blocks to allow our higher self to genuinely express through us. On this path, we focus on inner work and how it can serve others. We experience opening up, detachment, expansion, inclusion and evolution. We are accountable for our lives. We become the authority of ourselves and fully trust our higher intuitive guidance. We are more capable of magnetizing to us the ones we seek to aid.

As unique expressions of the divine, our journeys through life expand our consciousness.

  • Where might you place yourself on this circle of life?
  • Are you traveling the path of personality development?
  • Or have you moved through your fist transition point to working on yourself?
  • Or have you turned back towards home with a growing awareness of your spiritual essence?

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If you have other perspectives on What is Consciousness and How to Raise Consciousness, we would appreciate hearing them at

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