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Online Meditation Resources

For those of you who want to start a meditation practice or who want to explore new approaches, here are some of the resources, both for free and for purchase, that we have found on the Internet. Please note that we have not used most of these ourselves.

Sites offering a list of free meditations and resources:

1 to 20-minute guided meditations, optional background music

Meditations on Peace, Love and Light

Meditations on Breathing, Hu Chant and Inner Journeying

3 to 13-minute meditations in English and Spanish

Multiple free guided meditations

Multiple meditations for download

Top 25 Best Meditation Resources: Guided Meditation, Meditation Music, and Meditation Apps

Meditation Cell Phone Apps: (Mindvalley)

Youtube: -- Michael Sealey -- The Honest Guys -- Jason Stephenson -- for before sleep -- ECO meditation by Dawson Church

Meditations for Purchase: -- by subscription (Mindvalley)

For Jeddah Mali's Changing the Paradigm CD sets of meditations:

Progressively deepen you meditation abilities over 6 months with our  Learn Meditation Methods Program.


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