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Welcome to the
Consciousness Journey!

Spiritual masters tell us, "Be present and conscious!"

But what are we to be conscious of?

How does consciousness help me live a better life? How does it help me deal with those tough issues that never seem to go away?

I suspect my answer may be new for you:

We need to be conscious of what the ENERGY of life is doing!

Welcome to the Consciousness Journey!

Quantum physicists tell us that all of life arises moment by moment from a unified and supremely intelligent field of energy. From a spiritual perspective, we might call it Source.

That's where our answers lie - in consciously connecting with this foundational energy that creates everything.

And here's a shocker: we need only understand and apply a few basic principles of how this energy works to make sense of ourselves and life.

When we we are not aware of the presence and operation of this life-giving energy, we completely misunderstand the whole picture of existence.

And it's those misunderstandings that lead us astray.

Want a glimpse into how we've got it wrong and how we can make it right?

I invite you to download my free paper:

5 hard truths about how we are living now
and the enlightening truths for how we can live differently

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Understanding this source energy brings our spirituality to life

Whatever our spiritual paths, we have been assured that we hold the potential for love, joy, peace and abundance. We've been told that life can be blissful and easy.

We've even experienced that for ourselves - at times.

And yet, with years of study and practice, we can still be overwhelmed and baffled by what shows up in our lives.

How do I handle a tragedy in my own life or that of a friend or family member?

How do I survive the heart-wrenching pain of divorce or the fear that comes with losing my job?

Or even, how do I cope with disappointment or the overpowering irritation of a crappy day?

When we know to tune into the energy of what's arising for us, we also know our next step. What a gift that is!

It sounds clichéd but honestly, seeing life from the perspective of its source energy has and is continuing to transform my life.

Please read my short paper on the hard and enlightening truths of life and see if it speaks to you.

Our minds have no way of knowing what's true because our minds can't read energy the sensations generated by energy patterns. Only consciousness can.

And reading patterns with consciousness opens the doors to sanity, peace, health and our infinite potential. Ready to give this a go?. Download my free paper now.

5 hard truths about how we are living now
and the enlightening truths for how we can live differently

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We will not share your information with anyone

True empowerment comes from knowing how to perceive and responsd skillfully to whatever shows up in life.

Life is so much easier when we can zero in on cause rather than trying to manipulate effects.

I would love to have you join me in this fascinating exploration!

At your service,

Patrice Robson
Patrice Robson

P.S. If you already know this resonates with you, then consider taking my introductory program, Living as Energy Beings in an Energy World. Click here for more information.

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