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Patrice Robson

Patrice Robson

My story... thus far!

Hi! I'm Patrice Robson and I'm passionate about raising my consciousness.

Why? Because it makes the world a more welcoming and friendlier place. It makes life so much easier to navigate. And perhaps best, it makes life way more fun!

One of the gifts of growing older (and yes, there are benefits!) is that we can see how we've walked the hero's journey as our life unfolded, even though we had no clue we were doing it. Mysterious and marvellous!

Looking back over time, I can see that "Know thyself!" has always been the driving force for my life.

Through my first three decades, I wrestled painfully with what I now know to be my false identity.

I was desperate to fix all the many things I was convinced were wrong with me. I was a pleaser, obsessively focused on others. If I knew my truth (which was rare), I certainly couldn't speak it. I lacked confidence, was paralyzed by perfection, and fearful of practically everything.

I hit rock bottom - the dark night of my soul - in my early 40s. As I couldn't go further down, I started to look up, and gradually awakened to the truth that there was so much more to me, to all of us and to life, than I had understood.

My awakening really took off in 2009 when I discovered the teachings of Jeddah Mali and the gifts that come with knowing that everything is energy - supremely intelligent energy.

Jeddah's Model of Life and her guided meditations showed me how to move out of my stuck places.

No more seeking greener pastures elsewhere. I'm opening to the wholeness and beauty of who I already am, no matter what my mood and circumstance.

I wholeheartedly want the same for you!

I invite you to explore the offerings on this site. I would also love to hear from you, if you are inclined to connect. Click here to email me directly.

Thank you for your visit!

In service,

Patrice Robson

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