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Consciousness Shifters - FREE short, daily, impactful sample of emails that gently shift your perspectives and consciousness.

Consciousness Journey emails series:

  •  2 step journeys – We say it in 30 unique catchy ways so many will resonate with you and help you own the in and out steps of life –  awareness (experiencing) and anchoring (influencing).
  • 3 levels  of consciousness growth - Keep an eye focused on the bigger picture, yet grounded in the work needed to grow. Identify the level of consciousness you experience from 30 catchy 3 word mini-journeys.
  • ABC's to XYZ's – An easy, fun way that goes through the alphabet to identify your processes, pains and potentials on your life path. See which ones resonate most strongly with you.
  •  Meaningful Models of Consciousness - The consciousness path is well defined as you will see through these common models of consciousness. All is connected and related. Allow your higher mind to make inner connections. Higher connections create Higher Awareness and effective manifesting.

Articles for your use:

What is Consciousness - Understand it so you can raise it.
Levels of Consciousness
- The circle of life through 3 levels of consciousness

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