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  • John Robson - Spiritual Life Coach, Journal Writing Facilitator.

John Robson

John Robson

Welcome to Journaling Tools!

John has devoted much of his life to exploring how to bring more love, awareness, meaning and purpose into life. For many years, John has studied esoteric spirituality, which is the understanding, experience and application of universal laws and principles to practical life.

He believes that our challenge as human beings is to become conscious of what is now unconscious in us. Our life journey is to explore those parts of our nature that are presently hidden from us so we may express ourselves more genuinely.

We need to become acquainted with our shadow side, the dark and unknown parts of our psyche that we have not yet owned. We also need to meet and own the divine side of our nature. Our ultimate aim is to embrace the opposing forces within us, the "bad" and the "good," and bring them together in wholeness. This is transformation.

From a very practical perspective, John was a trainer for a journal-based time management company. He has trained 1000's in workshops and online to utilize the power of journal writing for many applications.

John feels strongly that awareness is the most powerful resource we have to effect change in our lives. Without awareness, we unconsciously react, analyze, judge and interpret, without really knowing what's going on. As awareness increases, we see more clearly the dynamics at play. This gives us the accurate information we need to consciously choose what's best for us and others.

Journaling is one of the most powerful tools available to us today to heighten our awareness of who we are and how we are living. We learn so much when we can see and reflect on what we think! And when we use journaling tools intentionally - we dramatically expand the scope and effectiveness of our explorations.

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