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We are energy beings in an energy world!
How do we live as one?

Explore a completely new way of understanding yourself and life
with this 8-week email program:

The Key to Living Well:
Knowing you are an energy being in an energy world!  

This truth is transforming my life:

We are energy beings arising out of a unified, supremely intelligent energy field, moment by moment.

And it IS true! This isn't science fiction. Quantum scientists are now affirming what spiritual teachers have been saying for aeons.

So what does this mean for us?

How does knowing we are energy beings in an energy world affect how we live?

It's a radically new way of comprehending ourselves and how life works.

It invites us to give up deeply-held beliefs and perceptions that:

Here's the truth: we are individual expressions of divine Source energy. And when we open to believe this and align to the innate energy of our being:

When we know this fundamental truth of who we are and how energy functions, we can begin to make sense of almost everything.

We are not only reassured but convinced that, despite of all appearances, this is a loving universe. What a lifeline that is!

Finally - a user's manual for life!

I want to share with you the key concepts and practices around life energy that are beautifully and dramatically turning my life around.

Fortunately, the key elements for understanding and working with the energy of life are powerful but very simple. They are grounded and practical.

Here's what you will get with my program:

A Testimonial

"Your email series was excellent! With each email, your concepts and suggestions arrived at just the right time, expressed in just the right form needed for me to move out of the paradigm of separation back into my awareness of truth and unity. A beautiful gift to the collective!"

C. Bellomy Londot, LA, USA

Are you intrigued?

Explore with me what we most need to know as energy beings in an energy world by taking my new email program!

The Key to Living Well
Knowing you are an energy being in an energy world

E-book, 8 weeks of daily emails (5/week), journaling support questions and a guide to online meditation resources: $24

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A Testimonial

"Keep up the good work. Energy work has been out there for a long time, but people need to be aware that it exists and it would be helpful to have it out there until it can be absorbed and felt automatically. Anything new takes time. I am going to sign up for the course again."

Anonymous survey respondent

Why understand energy?

I've been a spiritual seeker all my life, and, like you, I'm sure, I've sampled a rich smorgasbord of teachings. All of them offered valuable principles for spiritual living.

But principles didn't get me very far when I was deep into depression, fear, resentment, apathy... all those states where I saw myself as anything BUT spiritual.

In fact, I felt worse. I hated myself because I couldn't live up to my own lofty expectations of what it means to be spiritual.

But now, by understanding the basic mechanics of the energy of existence, I have the tools to sort out how to perceive and deal with any miserable state that overtakes me.

Everything in life is energy. And we can read what the energy is saying to us (and every single one of us does read energy, without knowing we do so), then we can know our next step. No matter what is going on.

Like doing a jigsaw puzzle, if you have all the pieces at hand, you can put together a complete picture.

Please join me!

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