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This site is a collection of consciousness raising and transformational programs from selected facilitators, writers and coaches.

  • Intuition Distinctions so you can more easily trust and discriminate truth.
  • Manifesting Your Dreams is all about alignment of the energies.
  • Universal Laws made simple and practical for daily use.

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There is only one real human journey - our consciousness/soul journey. This site offers many programs by many awareness/spiritual teachers from a transformative, higher perspective of truth, love and goodwill. Explore our new affordable, group coaching services.

John Robson
John Robson Higher Awareness Inc.

Soul is always present in the now waiting for us to awaken. However, our personality/ego creates tensions, shadows, struggles and suffering as it filters soul energy. Our struggles, obstacles and limitations reveal what we need to heal to embrace our wholeness.

Katarina Supicic
Katarina Supicic Transformation - of your life from the inside out